Positive & Critical Comments

I have been taking these pills for a week already, and I must admit that I have lost 5lbs even without excessive exercising (I exercise only 3 times a week). AN also boosts my energy and suppresses my appetite, so I eat much less now, than I used to do before. However, if you decide to take AN, be prepared for drinking a lot of water to prevent your body from dehydration. All in all, going from 150 to 145 lbs. in a week is quite a good result.

AN is the best supplement I've ever used, I must say. I have lost a lot of weight very rapidly with exercising! I recommend this product to everyone who wants to get thinner.

I have tried this already, and I'm thinking about purchasing AN again, it is the best diet pill I know.

AN is actually a waste of money. I followed the instructions, exercised 2 hours per day, and was on a diet as recommended, but I've got no results.

These pills caused strong stomach pain for me (I took them on an empty stomach, as the instruction says). I'm afraid to continue taking the pills.

I bought this product and saw no results. I combined it with my diet and exercise program, and then even increased my dosage, but still, there were no changes related to those pills. I don't think they're worth buying; at least I'm not going to take them anymore.