Slimming Pills

1. I bought this product for myself and my boyfriend, we tried this before proceeding to a full-fledge diet pill. It was a great start. We both lost some weight, and feel much better and healthier now. The product is worth trying.

2. I ordered these pills and I am absolutely satisfied. The product came with the warning label telling that the pills are to be taken for no more than three days, it is a very important thing, not to use them for a long period, and otherwise they can cause dehydration (I did a lot of reading on the subject). However, they're perfect as a weight loss program starter! I've lost a lot weight during those three days, and then started taking other pills, and also a diet and a fitness program.

3. I am on a 72hs program now, and I feel good, several pounds are gone, I hope everything will be okay later on.

4. I tried this pill and I felt horrible! I did lose some weight, but very slowly, and gained those few pounds back shortly after I'd stopped taking the pills.

5. I lost 10 pounds in 3 days, which was a good result for me, but soon I found out that all my extra weight returned after I stopped taking the pills. This is because this product functions more as a laxative, and pushes the water out of the body rather than burns fat. Just take a look at the list of ingredients used in the pills: there is dandelion root and uva ursi there, both of which are powerful diuretics, and as a rule, only one of these ingredients is present in a pill, but they put all two of them there, as well as cranberry and singing nettle, which have similar properties. Diuretics are not for permanent or long-term use, because if taken for a long period of time, they cause dehydration, and long-term dehydration can be dangerous, even lethal, for our body. So, the supplement will give you only a short-time effect, and, as it is not really a fat burner, the lost weight will return after the pill is stopped, just as it was with me.

6. I visited their official site, it looks quite suspicious. There are no free trials, no before and after photos, no official contact information provided to the buyer. After reading some comments from the customers who had already bought this product, I realized that it is not worth purchasing - almost everyone claims that the weight returns very fast.